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Every cloud has a silver lining this proverb means that you should never lose your hope and never be feel hopeless as because the difficult times of your often leads to some better days.

This proverb means that we should always be in positive mood never be in negative mood as these negative thoughts lead to many difficulties in our life.

If a man who does not have any job with him and he gets worried about it that he does not have a job and he is jobless and he what will he go to do so he will never be able to become a successful man and never be able to succeed in life? He should not think himself as a failure all the time and think positive and feel that it will be alright and there will be a time that will come and he will be successful and be brighten up soon.

Difficult times for a man are like the dark clouds that pass overhead and blocks the sun. We should always see a Ray of hope in the difficult times as it is said when we look closely at every edge of a cloud we would always see a Sun shining there like a silver lining this line says that there is always a ray of hope is waiting for us and we should always see that hope and work on it and be successful.

It is very difficult situation has a bright side to it. There is a great example of a great composer who believes that his life is a mess as he has the problem of fear of deafness all through his life he felt that the sense of hearing was essential to creating music of the lasting value.

He always thinks all through his life and the fear the most was coming rapidly upon him was fantastic with worry. He consulted many doctors and tried every possible remedy. At last, his deafness got increased and he lost his hearing completely.

Later on, he started to feel that there is always a difficult situation in everyone’s life so he faced that difficult situation and did not lose his hope and started to make much music and he composed many of the famous music and this famous person is Beethoven who later become a great composer.

He couldn’t able to hear but with his writings, he created much great music and composed them in his life he always said that we should not lose hope early as there is always a ray of hope in all the difficult situations we should get that and face the situation proudly and happily.

Apart from this music composer, there are also many people who have many difficult problems in their life but they challenge the difficult problems and get succeed through all their life and become a great people and a great example for other people. So by this, we should never lose hope in any situation and be fearless to face all the situations that we get in our life.

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