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We all know the pollution is increasing just because of the human beings. Human have made this are so populated that now even the human beings are suffering from it. Let’s see some of the worst cases of population.

Types of Pollution

Smoke billows from chimneys at a chemical factory in Hefei, Anhui province, in this March 10, 2010 file photo. World carbon dioxide emissions will hit a record high this year, driven by China’s growth and keeping the world far off track from the deep cuts needed to limit climate change, the Global Carbon Project report by leading research institutes said on September 21, 2014. To match UN-CLIMATECHANGE-CARBON/ REUTERS/Stringer/Files (CHINA – Tags: ENVIRONMENT BUSINESS INDUSTRIAL POLITICS)

If we talk about pollution there are different different types of pollution like noise pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution etc. these are the major pollutions which are destroying nature. Let’s talk about them individually.

Noise Pollution

If we think about it the noise pollution is something which is very common in our day to day life. People don’t even understand that they live in a society where the noise is considered as unprofessional in a silent zone. If the people start giving horn in traffic it is a sound pollution

Most of the silent zone of India are considered in hospitals old-age home and many places where the sound is very bad for the human being. So whenever you see a silent zone make sure that you do not make any sound and disturb others.


Let’s talk about air-pollution, now we all know that air pollution is one of the biggest threat to earth because every human being need air to live but what happens if all the air is completely get polluted? None of the human being can survive with this toxic air.

Air pollution is increasing day by day just because of the human beings. Humans have used their facilities to reduce their workload but they forget that using their equipments is harming someone else.

Well it is coming to the nature nowadays in a single house there are 4 to 5 vehicles from which a single single person travels towards work. Yes it is their own choice but they should also remember that the vehicle in which they are using is releasing toxic air in the environment which is going to harm them one or the other day.

Soil Pollution

Now we talk about soil pollution most of the people don’t even know what soil pollution means is. Well in simple words if we try to explain you soil pollution is done by the people who spread artificial pesticides on their farms. This artificial pesticides are harming the soil and making it weak from inside.

Water Pollution

Let’s talk about water pollution, water is something which is human being natural requirement. Do you know that only 2% of water is there to drink in our oceans? It is very hard to survive on the salted water which we can see on earth. Even the human body is made of 70% of water but the pollution which is done by the human beings are destroying that 2% of water also.

There are still so many villages where the water is not even there for their daily routine and in the metropolitan city there are water which was spread because of no reason.

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