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Moving into class 10th the most important thing is our studies. Everyone around us will tell us to study hard because this is the turning point of your life. There are people who will help you to go through all the important parts of your studies.

I Started Studying in 10th

After coming in 10 everyone was very much excited and was supporting me towards my studies. No one was there was demotivating me and telling me that if you need anything you can let us know. It was a very shocking experience because before this nobody ever came to us and told us like this.

Good or bad it was a very good experience of my life because it was not an easy job to do. Everyone was keeping so much hope and trust in me that I will score a very good percentage in the standard 10th. Well, I will do my best to fulfill everyone’s dream and this will be also a pathway to my dreams too.

Semester Exams in 10th

Now I have reached the middle of 10th now I am very much aware of what all things are going around me. I was pretty shocked that this time I need to learn the entire book at once. It was a very unusual thing which was done until today in my life.

Before this, we used to always learn half in our semester exams but this time it was totally different. We have to learn the entire book once and appear for the exam.

Well, it works it sounds a little hard but it was a kind of very interesting stuff to do. This was actually the start of our life because in the future also we need to study the entire syllabus at once and appear for the exam.

10th Exam Subjects

Now if we talk about the subjects in 10 standard they are similar to our entire school duration timetable but there are few subjects which are excluded from it. The subjects which were excluded were drawing, craft, PT, GK, value education.

This for the subjects which were excluded from our daily routine subjects. Now we will be only focusing on the subjects which are very much important in 10. Subjects like English maths science history geography computer and many more depending upon the language of examination.

The Scoring Subject of 10th

This is a very common question which every student asked from the senior’s parents and teachers. That which subject is the scoring subject which could increase the number of the percentage we want. Well, the percentage number increased with the help of the language people.

For example, if you are an English medium school student you are very much familiar with English letters. If you are from Hindi medium school you must be familiar with the language Hindi.

This is the way which helps to increase the number of percentages in our examination. Because we get a plus point of writing the words according to our own convenience.

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