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You must have seen the pollution in our nature it is getting rise day by day. We can’t even do anything to stop this. Because the reason this pollution is happening is we ourselves.

Pollution in The Environment

We all must have seen the pollution and must have thought that someday we could ever live in a pollution-free environment. Well, the thinking is good time environment is beautiful but what is the work we have done for it.

Expecting something from nature is not wrong but in against what are we giving to nature so that nature can return us. We as human beings just have given pollution irrigation and many more things to nature. This is a very important reason that today we are facing this problem.

Who is Responsible

We ourselves are responsible for the chaos which is happening around us. We think that the government is responsible for whatever is happening. And when we talk to the government for the pollution the government simply says that it is all because of the common man.

The government tries to avoid pollution but the common man is not ready to accept the rules and regulations for it. The people who always want someone else to blame someone do this always. No one ever understood the importance of the environment and today we have reached the world stage of it.

If today we didn’t understand how to work for the environment it would be very late for the future. There are chances that there would be no future without the environment. There would be no upcoming generation who can see this beautiful environment in nature.

Global Warming is A Problem

Today human being is facing a very big problem which is known as global warming. They knew that this day would come in the world because the way people are using the environment it was sure that one day everything will be finished.

Today being in the hot sun is just like getting fried on a frying pan. Now whom are you going to complain about this the government the common man or someone else? Well, you can’t even ask for any help because of this problem which everyone is facing is because of us.

How To Solve This Problem

If we want a free and beautiful environment in the future we need to start working for it now. We cannot be dependent upon anyone for it. We should start planting more and more trees and keep places cool and calm.

I need to help others who are facing so many difficulties just because of global warming. We have to understand that only nature can hire a bus to get out of this problem.

Only the plans and water can save us and our upcoming generation from this horrible problem of global warming. So start planting more and more trees for nature and for the upcoming generation.

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Updated: February 22, 2020 — 1:29 pm

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