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World toilet day is celebrated on 19th November, till the year2005 there were the millions of the people who have no proper sanitation, so they were openly decade, this has created many of the problem diseases like malaria, diarrhea is caused due to the open sanitation.

Why Is World Toilet Day Celebrated?

The world toilet day is celebrated to make the people aware that the doing the poo here and there will cause many of the dangerous diseases, and this makes the many of the issues, there are many of the toilets are developed but the people are those who never keep them clean, and if they go once again then this will cause many of the diseases to the people, there are unclean toilets, and because of this they do poo here and there.

The founder of the world toilet is Jack Sim, who discuss that we can’t improve, this day is celebrated to give the importance of the toilet, it will be the successful threats when all the people in the country will have the safe and the clean toilet in the home, there are many of the campaigns in India which have been introduced by the government of India that is “Jaha Soch Waha Sochalay” under the prime minister Narendra Modi he too spread the awareness of the toilet in part of the country.

So many of the toilet is constructed for the people, but they are not used properly.

The Theme Of World Toilet

To make the awareness of the toilet and there use, on this day many of the programs took place many of the themes are prepared to celebrate this day because the humans waste are very dangerous and this spread the killer disease.

  • Containment- The poo must be stored in another place far from the humans in the closed tank or the pit.
  • Transport- there should be a proper deposit and the transport of the poo through the latrine and the pipe.
  • Treatment-As it the wastage of the humans so it should be processed to the wastewater and then properly send to nature again.
  • If the poo is properly maintained than due to the energy and this can be used as energy for the production of the food.

There should be the proper disposal of the poo because this poo is used as the biogas.

If the toilet is made for the public people than they are eradicating the Tabaco Chew and spilled in the toilet, such there is the mission of clean India” then to the people are making the wise in the toilet which is made for their betterment but then to the 1.4 billion of the people are been suffering from no toilet facility and the women and the children have to suffer for the toilet which is very difficult for them.

Hence this day is organized by the great theme which is being the platform to spread awareness among the people and the disease spread through it.

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