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Peace is a state where nonviolence is followed by the people or various nation, they cooperate with each other, with the mutual understanding which brings happiness everywhere on the globe.

Every culture, religion, and community have different philosophies for the same. The various organization stated that world peace could be achieved through human rights, technology, education or diplomacy as these are the forms from which fighting can be brought to an end.

The Aim Of Resolving Conflicts

The five permanent nation of the security council are United state, Russia, China, France, and United Kingdom declared no war to solve any conflict, but since then we observed many conflicts in the military of the nations.

Can Zever Obtain Long Term Peace

The world never obtains peace, and there are zero chances that our future generation will be witnessing the peaceful world. A single mistake from anywhere can lead to exploitation.

The war is apart of living is seen regularly. If there ends the one conflicts another one arises. Many countries are living under the stress or pressure of war, and it will not take much time to start the fight.


A smile is the first key to win any of the fights. The person with a lovely smile can bring out to meet any one’s heart.


One should adopt the habit of forgiving others. It is normal to happen mistake with the human being; the other person should understand the same error can happen with them also so there is nothing wrong in forgiving other.

No Support To Activist

If we found that the war has aroused in the region, we should never promote the activist or politician who is in favor of war. We should always keep in mind that nothing can be achieved through war; it only destroys life on the earth.

The Great Meaning

It is a matter to understand that peace is not just a word of the dictionary, but it is the word of significant meaning and quality which is very difficult to achieve.

Mahatma Gandhi

We can follow the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi for the same. Bapu was the one who strongly believed in peace or nonviolence. If Bapu would not have followed the path of Ahimsa or non-violence, it was hard to achieve freedom.

Many people do not believe in world peace. According to these people, we can win or achieved the desired thing through only war or battle, but they did not care about the lives of many innocent people.

Social Media

Many people have made the internet or social media into the land of battle. They oppose the people on the platform of social media. These type of people encourages the other for war and fighting.

We should never forget, that yes evil can win over good only for some time, but ultimately the future of evil work is terrible.


Everyone should understand world peace matter, and they should take some measure to follow the same.

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