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The world food day is been celebrated on 16th on October where there are kept the importance of the food in the front of the public the main salute go for the farmer who takes the initial part to grow the crops because of which we are alive and eating the food by taking it from the grocery shop because of the farmer as the agriculture is the backbone of India so many of the country export the food from India because the agriculture is only taken place in India and we are proud of it.

There are many of the people who waste the food, if we require in small amount only then we should take only that much rather than that the people take in the large quantity than they waste it because there is very much hard work in the field of agriculture and we simply throw the food which is very bad thing, there are many types of the food they are the junk food and the homemade food.

In which the junk food is very interesting to eat but then too it is very dangerous to the health because it contains many of the chemicals which can cause the different type of the diseases, on the other hand, the food which is been made in the house contain many of the nutrients and the vitamins which are very useful for the body and the growth of the bod is only due to the homemade food.

Why Is This Day Celebrated?   

The world food day is been celebrated because to make the awareness among the people about the importance of the food and the farmers who put their all hard work in the cultivation of the food and they are very poor then too they harvest the crops for the people of India and during any of the occasions people simply waste the food and they throw here and there which is the bad manners of the people of our country, this all the food crops are the god gift which we should be threat in a proud manner and this is the duty of all the citizens in India.

There are many of the people who are been badly suffering from the huger due to which there is the death of the many people this is because of the poverty in the country and this is causing the hunger factor for the people who are poor on the other hand the people who are rich they never donate the food to the poor people but they will throw in the dustbin which is very much bad manner of our country.

If we are not able to eat much then we should take in the small quantity only rather than that this will not make the wastage of the food and all the people who are been suffering from the hunger should also be supported by the organization of the food so this day is been celebrated to tell the importance of the food in the life of the people.

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