Essay On Work Is Worship For Students & Children In Simple English


This Thought mainly refers to the work that we are doing we should be proud of it. No matter how much the work is small, there should be an interest in doing the work, and it should be the legal work.

We all know that life is a race we have to struggle to get the success. Practical knowledge is the must to be the success in life.

Every life in this land has to die one day, and yes this is the fact of all living creature. So before that, we should enjoy our life with the fruit of success in life.

And on the other hand, the people who have the diseases of the laziness will never reach the step of the success. Some people are very regular in their work if they are given the time when they complete it at the time, but there are some of the people who are irregular in their time.

Respect Your Work

If we respect our work, then the work will respect you, and this will make the way to the success. As we all know that the time is very precious in everyone life, we should not simply sit and cry because we have not got the work.

We should try to get it there is the proverb “Try try till you, not a success” this means that we should always try to get the success in the life. God will be happy if we do the hard work, so the proverb means that the work is the worship, there is no need to worship got if you respect your job.

If we work hard then only we can earn the profit to that level. And there is no need of doing such work that you never respect from deep inside your heart.

Work brings the confidence level in the person, it has the meaning in life and also make our mind free and exercise also happens while the working process.

To make the career in one field refers to the systematic work which will show a good result.

And for this, the patience is the most important because the invention and the discoveries done by the scientist is done through their hard work and also due to the patients in them help them to cover their work.

If we have to live the life and for the eating purpose the work is important, it will bring some money to eat for us.

Our India is the developing country because here are some of the people who are lazy to work. But the country like the USA, Japan is the developed nation this is because of their hard work and also due to their collective progress to develop their country.

People should develop their responsibility in every walk of their life as there is no one who will give us to eat in free. Today the world has become more powerful with the help of the work done by them.

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Updated: January 26, 2019 — 11:51 am

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