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India is a developing country and to make it fully developed the literacy rate of men as well as of women should be high. In the ancient era, we found that there were many restrictions imposed if a woman was interested in gaining an education, but now it is not so, now every parent understands the value of education.

Now, women education is given the same priority as of men. At the time of British rule, women were only meant to do household chores and to take care of the child, but it was Mahatma Jotirao Phule, Ishwarchandra Vidya Sagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy who insisted people to send girls for school to gain an education. These brave leader told people about the benefit of women education.

Women should be educated, as she is the one who gives birth to the future generation. If women are educated, it will lead to the betterment of society as well as of economic life.

Merits Of Women Education

As we say that the mother is the first teacher of the child, so should be at least possess some knowledge, because she should know about the good and bad decision, which she will pass further to her child.

If we compare uneducated women with an educated one, we will see that the one who is literate is more confident in handling families and taking care of the child while the one who is illiterate she will lack confidence for the same.

It is indeed said that if we educate a man, only he will be literate but if you give education to women, the whole family including society will become educated.


A survey made in the year 2011 and it was concluded that the female literacy rate has become high from 8.6% to 64.63% as compared with the year 1951, but it is sad to know that it lags far behind from the literacy rate of men.

The current literacy rate of men is 81.63% whereas women are 65%. The girls in the remote area face problem in gaining an education. Sometimes the reason for this is their parents or lack of school in nearby areas. It is recorded in a survey that nearly 150 million women in India are still illiterate.

Male Dominating Society

About 70% of women in the remote area are not allowed to go out from house to seek education. Whereas men can do whatever they feel. The parents in rural area pray for a baby boy and if the women give birth to the girl child, both the mother and daughter have to face the torture of the family member as well as of society. While torturing the female, they forget that she is the one who gives birth to both the sexes.

But, the scene is different in urban place. Here women are highly qualified and work on prominent designation as equal to men.


The government has launched many programmes to provide free of education to the girls in a remote area where girls are unable to gain education due to poverty or sometime due to the long distance of the school.

The government even gives free of a bicycle for traveling to school. Women education is essential.

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