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Hard Time was a novel written by Charles Dickens. In this novel, he has given the proverb Wisdom of the head and wisdom of the heart which became quite famous.

In his Hard Time novel, e clearly mentioned that the head and tee art can never cooperate with each other. The head supports the thought while the heart goes with the emotion.

Moving further, yes, it happens with all of us. Sometimes we get stuck in a situation where our mind bring some other conclusion while the heart says something else. At last, we human being, decide any one of the conclusion and moves ahead.


The wisdom of head always ready to express the rationalized calculation while the heart wisdom gets stucks to the emotional feelings and if the is no gateway of the conclusion, an individual left unspoken.

The wisdom which the head applies is mainly based on the logic, ratiocination, intellectual, understanding, etc. Head take out the result by many surveys, it does not accept anything blindly.


While the wisdom of heart just believes in emotion, it thinks about how the people will feel. The wisdom of heart lives in the imagination world.

Sometimes an individual who gets stuck in between the wisdom of head and heart remain silent because if they ask for help with another person, they also make them confused.

Most of the decision we make, the path we choose are depended upon the wisdom of head. It is human nature, that they see some of the benefits from others.


The only when there is a matter of relative and we cannot conclude to the decision, over this point an individual is forced by inside and the wisdom of heart wins the matter, no matter if we have to tolerate with some loss.

An individual cannot say which of the wisdom is better or te correct because the super intellect wisdom of the heart can also be wrong or sometimes the emotional soft the wisdom of heart also can make the wrong attempt.


For example, if there is an individual walking on the road alone and it’s very late at night. Now, as he walks more 1km, he saw another man who was asking help with the first person saying that he has forgotten the path as e is new to the city, can he help him to reach his house.

The first person is now totally confused about what to do. Is wisdom of heart says to help, by heart, he is thinking, that if he will not help him and later on if this man will get in some huge problem than who will be responsible but read makes another conclusion? Head thinks, how can he trust over an unknown person if he will act something negativity with me then?

Finally, the men didn’t find any conclusion and ran away from the place.


It depends upon the situation which one is right the wisdom of head or wisdom of the heart.

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