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In the polar and temperature zones in the coldest season of the year which is the winter season. In each year the winter occurs after the autumn and before the spring. By the axis of the earth caused to the winter season in which the hemisphere which is being oriented away from the sun.

What Was The Natural Scenery During The Winter Season?

During the winter season as everything gets covered due to this, the hilly reasons become most beautiful covered by the ice like scenery. Ice on the things looks like pearls it I so beautiful. When the sunrise the flowers of various colors bloom and this gives an environment a new as well as awesome look.

When Does The Winter Season Come?

In all over India as per the regions as well as rotation of the earth there, we can see that the start of winter season varies on its tilted axis all around the sun.

The season of winter falls on December and it ends in the month of February or at the starting of March for the northern hemisphere according to the recent meteorology. The winter month comes in the month of June, July, or August for the people who live in the southern hemisphere.

Winter Makes Us So Eager To Wait For

During the three months and choose the cold of them which depends on the geographical factors by nature. Such as the glazed frost, snowing’s, sever cold, etc. are the some of the typical evidence which is mostly found in the season of winter and they always have the place.

The snow as a winter emblem which is one of the long awaited in the events. The flakes of snow are were never repeated by themselves just like the stone found on the seashore.

The Temperature In The Winter Season Or Unusual Winters

In Antarctica, there is currently the lowest temperature on the record. On the 10th of August in the year 2010, the temperature is recorded by scientist which is minus 136 degrees F i.e. minus 93.2 degrees C on the East Antarctic plateau of Antarctica as per the NASA.

The united states have the lowest temperature which was set in Alaska on the 23rd of Jan in 1971. The winter tends with a hard time for all the animals and humans. More weathers are extreme than others some host of the winter.

In 2012 of February, the waved which is deadly cold ravaged at Europe, due to which caused the death of the people as well as animals almost more than 800 deaths. By the snow and ice, more than 100000 people were trapped.

The snow covering part of the Sahara, the storm was also felt the breath in northern Africa.

From the 60 degrees down to the single digits which is less than 24 hours on the 11 of November in 1940, the “Armistice Day Blizzards” and plugged quickly.

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