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India deals with four main seasons, from which the winter season which brings the coldness in the weather. This season lasts from the month of December to March, this season brings the pleasant and the bright environment due to which there is the low light of the sun.

There is the snowfall in Northern India which are hilly areas, the mountain is been covered with the white snow which makes nature look more beautiful and attractive. This season is the best season for the long drive and also for the picnic and trekking.

Changes In Nature

As we know that winter is the best season, so there is many changes in nature and also the habitat of nature. Many of the birds migrate from another country to this country and there are some of the animals which go to the hibernation like the Bear and many others.

There is a pleasant atmosphere in nature, which give birth to the new plant and there are some of the plants which can’t live in the winter season and there is a plant which stops growing. During the winter season, we can get to know that there are the long night and short day, sometimes the temperature falls so badly that we can’t handle the cold.

Duration Of The Season

There is the slow rotation of the weather in winter and it varies in all regions in India. Mainly the winter starts from the month of December and sometimes it ends in the month of February and sometimes in the first week of March.


During the winter season we can plan for the picnic and the trekking with the friend and where there is the snowfall we can get the chance for the skating, making the snowman, throwing the snowball in each other and ice biking, ice skating and there are many of the other enjoyment done in the winter season.

Famous Fruits And Vegetables

As we all know that the winter season is the season of many famous winter fruit, there is the growth of the healthy fruit such as the grapes, orange, apple, guava, pineapple, sugarcane, papaya, carrot, leafy vegetables, amla, cabbage , beetroot, cauliflowers, turnips, potato, etc.

Winter season is also known as the crops season, many of the crops are been grown in this season such as the barley, wheat, groundnuts and there are many other crops grown in this season. Some seasonal flowers also bloom such as the roses, dailies bloom in this season.

Problem Faced

Some of the problems are been faced by the people and also by the children during those days of the winter season. Some of the common diseases effect very quickly due to cold, such as fever, cold, cough, sneezing, etc.

If the area is of snowfall region then there sometimes the weather gets change very badly like the heavy snowfall, the storm which creates the problem if the people go out for the work. So this is the problem faced by the people during the winter season.

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