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William Shakespeare was regarded as the world’s greatest writer and dramatist. He was an actor, playwright, and an English poet. Shakespeare has got the title of England national poet. The plays written by him are almost translated in every another language.


William Shakespeare was born at Strat-Ford-Avon,23rd April which is Saint George Day. The date of birth of Shakespeare is not actual; it is a consideration. The father of Shakespeare was John Shakespeare, and their mother name was Mary Arden.

Shakespeare had six siblings, among the three brothers, William Shakespeare was the elder one, but unfortunately, only one of the sister and Shakespeare remain alive.


Most of the biographer claims that Shakespeare took the education from King New School which is situated in Stratford.


William Shakespeare married to the Anne Hathaway 26 at the age of 18. Whereas on the 27th November 1582, theses couple received the certificate of marriage. With the haste, the marriage ceremony was arranged.

After the six months of marriage, Anne gave birth to a daughter, who was given the same as Susanna, was baptized in the 26th May. Following the two years, the twins on Hamnet and daughter Judith took birth. These twins were baptized on 2nd February 1585. However one year later, the Hamnet died due to the unknown case.

Later Life

Some year before the death, Shakespeare retired the Stratford. In spite of retirement, still, he was working as an actor. There were sudden outbreaks of the plague in the London playhouse and so all the playhouse were closed for almost about 60 months.

So, finally, now Shakespeare was retired from all the work. The total retirement was something different during the era. Some of the play he still wrote in the year 1610, the last three plays of him were a collaboration with John Fletcher.

The Lord Chamberlain Mens was one of the famous acting companies in London, and Shakespeare used to belong to this company. Having big fame in that era was not so easy.

There were two monarchs who ruled England in the era, Henry VIII and the Elizabeth I. Both the ruler were impressed by the writing of William Shakespeare which gave him fame and was known by everyone.


As soon as William Shakespeare signed his will, he died within a month. On 23rd April 1616, Shakespeare took the last breath. There is not any source, that how and why the Shakespeare died.

Poems And Plays

The Shakespeare use to write the erotic poems, among them Venus and Adonis, Rape of Lucrece was the famous one and was dedicated to the Earl of Southampton.

Even Shakespeare wrote much famous play and poem such as Titus Andronicus, The Taming of Shrew and the early version of Hamlet.


Though today Shakespeare is not present in between of us, he remained in the heart of the people, through his great writings. He was one of the great personality of his era.

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