Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

Essay On Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned For Students – Read Here

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Plastic bags are very hazardous to the environment because this is that factor which can’t be decomposed in the environment.

Many of the animals like the dogs, cats, cows eat it which can stick in the respiratory system, and this may cause to death. In this generation, the plastic bag is part of us.

Hence the excess use of the plastic bag has made a negative effect on the health and also to the environment.

Now many of the cities are globally banning the plastic bag because of the problem due to the plastic bag usage.

These polythene bags have the thickness of fewer than 50 microns. Many of the country as banned the plastic bags usage.


  • There is the contamination of the water bodies due to the more usage of the plastic bags; they are of lightweight, so they travel through the wind. Many of the plastic can be seen in the water floating here and there.
  • Plastic is made up of the non-renewable sources of energy like petroleum and the natural gases. This highly contributes its part to make the climate to change; greenhouse gases are created due to the plastic bag when they are burned in the fire.
  • To produce the plastic bag it required 0.5 miles of energy to create nine plastic bags.
  • Since the main problem is that the plastic bags never decompose, degrading means the plastic bags turn to the small part then too they never decompose. And this is consumed by the animals in the water and also in the land.
  • Many of the aquatic animals think that the plastic bags are the food and so they consume it. It then does not digest it remains in the digestive system. This causes the death of the animals. This is very dangerous to their health.
  • This affects the health of the humans this may cause the distraction in the normal functioning of the organs in the human body. There is the food web between the marine animals and the humans if the fish consume the plastic bag than fish is consumed by the humans indirectly, and directly also there is the health problem caused due to it.

Solution To Reduce The Plastic Waste

Stop Buying Water

We should not consume the water from the shop water is in the plastic bottle in each year close to 20 billion plastic bottles. We should carry the bottle which can be reused once again.

Boycott Microbead

All the small items which are used in the daily use of the people like the scrubbers, toothbrush, facial scrubs also should be a boycott because they are also made of the plastic materials which are very harmful.

Cook More

We should always consume the healthier food that because if we will take the food from the order that the restaurant will provide the plastic bags. So cook food as much you can this may also reduce the plastic bags.

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