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Today I am here to describe myself is very much problematic but then too, I am a strong girl who can come up with all the difficulties in my life from my parents till my society, as I came from the small town merit here the people of this city are very much undesirable because they never wish that any of the girl should come up in their life or get the education only their thinking is very narrow and only the girl child is thought that after the age 18 or 16 they got to the early married life, if the parents don’t want to do so then the society always tell them any of the things to the family and the girl of that house.

So from that city the people never think that the girl should go ahead and get the education rather than that they think that the girls are the load of the house and the marriage is also done by the person who is rich and if they are first only marriage the too they are married with the small girl.

My Family

But my family always supported me and I am very proud of my parents that they supported me every walk of my life they never thought of the society that what the society will think, my dad always think that I should be well educated and then fulfill my dream my dad and my mom where the pillar of my dream and today I am here because of my parents and their support, my mom always thought of my marriage, but my dad always supported me that  never want to get married till I make my mom and dad proud it was my feeling and my dad supported it. Some of the parents in the society always making some of the talk to my parents about me then to my dad never listen to it and then we moved from that place to Mumbai, and he told me to complete my dream in this place, and I am here today in front of you all the youngsters this is making me very proud and my parents too, I am the neurologist rather than that I am that person who overcomes all the difficulties to make my dream come true and my parents dream also.

More than me my parents are very happy looking me in this place, and today my parents have all the grade in my society too, my dad always says to me that always make your dream come true and make the country feel proud and the society too.

Overcoming the difficulties will always make us to be proud of our life, and today I am happy with my life that I have fulfilled my dad dream and I am very proud, there are some of the special qualities in everyone life but it is very difficult to detect that things, But I know that who am i.

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