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According to the study, the Indian valley civilization started, or it was found back around 3000 BCE, There is the evidence that the trade relation started back in the 3200 BCE.

The trade started in the Indus valley of ancient India. After this, the two beautiful cities were found they were the “Harappa” and “Mohenjo- Daro.” These cities were the part of the Indus valley civilization.

The Harappa people started excavation in the stone. As now India is divided, so the Mohenjodaro is in Pakistan.

The people used to write which are known as the Indus script, this now we can study the keywords given by them.

These people were making the clay articles which were famous during that period.

We can’t ever translate the Indus script and the ancient people also not translated this script, so hence we have lost the ancient knowledge within us.

Two Cities “Harappa” And “Mohenjo-Daro”

From ancient India, the evidence which has been got is the excavation of the stone done by the Harappa people.

This person was settled near the river through which they start the cultivation easily, and the house and the building were made up of the mud bricks during that period since today also we use the same kind of the mud brick.

The people of this city were well developed they also made the drainage system in a very systematic manner, this is very big cities with a population of around 80000 people.

This person well planned the cities structure than they started to develop it many roads for the people were made and today if we see it than there are many of the stories.

They used to cultivate the crops such as the wheat, rice, cotton, melons, peas. They also used to rear the animals, and they used to store it for them.

Mysteries In Ancient India

Has the Ancient India civilization will remain the mysterious till the time the script is not translated or until it is not decoded, the pool which was discovered was known as the great bath it is 40 feet long, 10 feet deep and 20 feet wide pool this was for the public bathing, this was created because the Indus valley should not be get polluted, so they created the pool for the public purpose.

In this script, there is the person sitting in the sitting position which represents the Hinduism in the yoga position which is also practiced today in the Hindu religion of India.

After some time this cities started disappearing which is the mystery till today the history says that this is due to the earthquake and the flood destruction occurred this gave the impact to end in these cities.

Another history says that there came the sudden changes in the climate condition this may have forced the People to leave their location and they changed their region and some of them killed due to the army of another region attacked them.

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