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When Did The French Come To India

The country India was ruled by the many of the people. The first who came into India was the Portuguese in the year 1498, the British come later in1599 and the French in1664.

The French first landed in the south of the Indian country. The French invaded their five colonies in India they never had the intention of capturing India but they wanted to trade with India was their main intention.

Colonies Of The French In India

The only three colonies which were used by the French people for the purpose of the trade towards another country:


A charming tiny hamlet situated on the Western Coast of India showcases the influences of the French as well as the culture of Kerala.

The place is considered as the smallest district of India and is the home of countless revolutionaries and leaders.

An interesting factor about the place is that, although it is surrounded by the districts of Kannur and Kozhikode, Mahe as a matter fact is part of the Pondicherry legislature.

The place was a popular surfing destination during the 70s and the 80s, but now it is a hotspot for the localities as the sale of alcohol is prohibited in Kerala and Mahe gets exempted from the ban as it belongs to Pondicherry.


Chandernagore is a small town which is located at a distance of 30 km from Kolkata.

The town is an example of how the French influence mixes itself with the local traditions and they together form a beautiful image like the rest of the state.

The town is a forgotten one with a lot of stories to narrate and of a character which has volumes to narrate.


Yanam has had its own share of monarchs, rulers and not to forget the colonizers over many years; each one of them has left an impression which is seen in this town.

All said and done, the French were the ones who influenced the town to a large extent which includes its culture and geography.

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