Religious Diversity In India

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As we all Know that India is the developing country and it is also called as the secular nation, where there are various religious people living here by practicing their religion. Among all the major religion is the Hinduism, Islamic, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism.

The most followed religion in India is Hinduism, they believe in the karma, Dharma, rebirth, immorality, and soul, and they mainly believe in God.

There are many of the partitions in the Hinduism also like the Brahman, Sakta, Saiva, Arya Samaj and much more different sect followed by the Hindu people this is the exception of the Hindu people in India.

The Beginning Of Islamic Religion

Islamic people are those who believe in Allah they never believe in the Idol. The Quran scared book of Islam teach them the five duties such as they believe in God, prayers five times a day, a month fast every year and visit the pilgrimage of Mecca once in your life.

A large number of the Muslims people are converted, the people of the Brahmanical Hinduism offered a much more solid resistance to spread the Islamic religion.

From the total population of India, the Islamic religion is 24 % in our country.

Birth Of Christianity

Then the next religion existing in India is Christianity they came into India by St. Thomas a follower of Jesus in the 52 A.D. In the 16th century the people of Portuguese came to India in the name of Trade and they established the Christian church.

In India, the population of the Christian people is around 2.43 percent. These people believe that Jesus is the son of the god, so they believe him a lot. The sacred book of the religion Christianity is Bibel.

Value Of Sikhism In India

Sikhism was generated that time due to the caste system practice in the Hinduism.

The god of the Sikhism is Guru Nanak; he was the person to found this religion in the 16th century.

He told the people that you have one life gifted by the god so don’t be jealous of anyone, don’t discriminate the people regarding their caste and the race.

The sacred book of the Sikhism is Grantha Sahib, however mainly the Sikhs belong to Hindus only. Gurudwara is the worship place of the Sikhs.

All the Sikhs guru are the god of this religion.

Caste And Class Discrimination

The caste system was started since from the ancient period, and in Hinduism only there are the upper-class people and the lower class like the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and sandals.

It is believed that there is about 3000 caste in India. In such a state of affairs when the higher groups tend to lose their supremacy due to economic development, there should not be the caste discrimination between any of the religion and not for the lower and the upper-class people.

This Diversity of India means the various religions should leave in the equality there should not be the difference segments basis on the occupation, wealth or the education also.

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