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India is one of the great countries in all over Asia. It has the second-largest population in the world but then to have achieved so many goals in his whole time duration. Even being by the rule of Britishers today India is one of the great countries to words success.

Teaching Kids

As an Indian what would be the best thing which could help us to clean India? Well, the answer is very simple we need to teach our kids that we should always be responsible citizens of our country. Never spread any kind of waste material in our surroundings because if our kids are very well aware of these problems.

They would never do it in the future and as we know that the kids are the future of the country. So we should always teach them the importance of cleanliness in our country. So that they can teach it to their kids and the cycle goes on.

Awareness In Society

The most important thing is the lack of knowledge because of which the cleanness is still a very big problem in a country like India. Well, people are not aware that they are doing some kind of mistake which is harming their own country.

If they are aware of the consequences they would never do this. So whenever you get time to explain the importance of cleanliness you should take the initiative and work on it. Slowly they will understand the importance of cleanliness and one day will come that the whole country will be clean.

The people who are coming from other countries will give an example to their own countries for cleanliness like India. Well it will take time because it is not possible in one day to clean the whole country but as a responsible citizen, we should never leave the hope and work for the betterment of our country.

Clean Beach And Reverse

Nowadays people are throwing all their waste on the beaches and rivers. They are polluting them and making them dirty by their waste just think that the water which is coming to your house is unhygienic and dirty to drink.

What would you do well if someday the whole world is running out from pure water? We have to even drink that but why to bring something like that in our future we save the river and beaches. Today just by not throwing any rapper on the roads on the beaches or anywhere.

It just takes a few minutes to carry that rapper and the first place you see the dustbin through it over there. There are people who are allotted to clean the dustbin and they do their duty very well. But it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to make sure that.

Even they don’t have to work so hard to clean one single area. Even they are human beings who can be tired so reduce their work so that they can clean more and more places. So through all the rappers and the plastic bags in the dustbin which can make the work easier for the people.

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Updated: January 10, 2020 — 12:16 pm

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