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As all the people who are gathered here will know the importance of the water in the today world, the scarcity and the drought in the drought-prone region are suffering due to no water in their region, the big issue in India is about the water as there are 74% of the water covered the earth surface than too.

And throughout the globe the uses of the water are as follows:

Thermal Power  

For the generation the electricity there is the use of a large amount of water to provide the hydroelectric power to the country. The big power plants require the more amount of the water.

Water For The Aquatic Animals  

If there is no water in the seas and the oceans then the animals under the water will cause the death, the aquatic animals need to water to survive.

Water In The Industrial Sector    

In the industrial sector the water is needed in the bulk quantity for the production, cooking, cooling, air conditions, and in the many more uses are done of the water while making the raw materials into the finish products.

Causes Of Water Pollution  

  •  Water pollution may cause due to the non-disposal of the garbage properly due to which the water resources are in danger all the garage have been a dump in the water resources which is now creating the big problem, and the fresh water is declining due to the contamination of the water.
  • Due to the extraction in the mining process, the water will be mixed with the poisonous substances which can be harmful to nature and the potable water will be polluted, there should be the proper mining undertaken by seeing all the factor.
  • Many of the industries also attach their bad pipeline in the river or the potable water resources this may be the harmful this all contain the harmful substances which mixes with the water and the water get polluted.

Effects Of Water Pollution  

  • ed the rainfall also get down with the toxic substances and this all effects the human resources very badly and this causes various diseases.
  • All the aquatic animals also lead to deaths due to water pollution, and this indirectly affects the human resources also.
  • We can leave without the food for a day but water is the most important to all the living sources, and without the water, there will be the death of many of the natural habitats such as the plants, animals, humans, etc.
  • Agriculture process gets also stop if there is no water.

The Scarcity Of The Water   

Today we can see in many parts of the country as no water supply properly, and in the region of the agriculture there is no potable water supply, and the area which is suffering from the drought area the humans are also dying this today has become the main issue, the region which gets the proper water supply they should not waste the water since they are getting the more, if we are preserving today then the next generation would get the water. So please conserve the water.

There should be the proper use of the water should be done because this will only create the limited access of the water there should be the preservation of the water because the generation which will come should have the enough water

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