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What is the most important thing in the world? If we don’t have water the human race could vanish at any moment. Without water, the human body can only survive for a day if the human body does not get the proper amount of water in the daily need it can dehydrate any moment.

Water Reducing

We all know that water is the most important thing for a human spotty and on the whole earth only 2% of water is available. So just imagine if 2% of water vanishes in some time as we are using it.

We would face so many difficulties in the survival of the human race because the human body is made up of 70% of water. So for a better future, we need to set up an save water.

An also teaches these things to our upcoming generation because if we save the water today they could use it tomorrow and the way they use it. It would be better for the upcoming future.

Scarcity of Water in Villages

As you live in a metropolitan city where you get all the things on your doorstep. Do you know that there are still so many villages in the whole world where water is the most common need for them?

They cannot even afford the water to drink it is the worst thing which a human being can do. We as a human being if does not making any changes to improve the human cycle and to improve the problems of the people.

Living in a Metro Politan city does not mean that you are not responsible for their condition. Well as you live in a posh city you get all the benefits which you need there are so many problems which we do not face just because the people who live in the village are sacrificing for us.

Do you know that the light which is not supplied to the village is forwarded in the cities? Yes, it is the truth of the human they are not supplying the proper electricity in the villages and that is the reason the villages are not able to grow. So do you think now that the village is not growing just because of them or because of us?

Use of Water

If we talk about the uses of water where there are a number of uses of water. Getting up early in the morning the first thing which we do is drink water.

We can survive without food but we cannot survive without water. If we want to grow food on the farm we need water. If we want to live we need water every living thing every living object needs water to survive.

It is very important that the water which we are consuming should be pure there should be no chemical or any Harmful substance available in it. The same thing should be considered for the plants also because they are also leaving things.

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Updated: January 11, 2020 — 12:22 pm

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