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All the living creature in this world need water, air, food to survive. And the most is the water, humans can live without the food for more than a week but without the water, there is no living.

Water is life but has all we know that there is only 13% of the fresh water available in this world, and there should be the preserve of the water for the coming generation.

People are wasting the water in any of the manners and there is also the contamination of the water which is also making the water to get destroyed.

Water Pollution

In the oceans or in the lakes and the river, the industries pipes are been connected for the disposal of the wastewater in the pure water river. This not only pollute the river but the water lives are been in the danger.

There should be the proper disposal of the wastewater from the household because there are some of the people who live their pipe connection to the back of the house the water is been collected and this water stink a lot. This causes water pollution.

Some Of The Method To Save The Water

There are some of the people who unnecessarily water the plants, but water for the gardens and the lawns should be done when it is needed.

The wastewater cleaning refers to the cleaning of the water which is been a pollutant, with the help of the chemical and the biological methods.

There should be strict action taken for the use of plastic because 80% of the plastic has formed the land sources under the water. This makes the water contaminates.

There is only 13% of the potable water, so the use of this water should be made very drastically. Because if we use all the water then what will do the next generation.

In the household also the use of the water should be made very safely, there are many of the children who waste the water while brushing the teeth, there should be the use of the bucket and the mug for the bathing purpose rather than the shower.

There are many of the regions in our country who are been suffering for the water and mainly the fresh water, they are been suffering from many of the diseases because of the use of the contamination water.

 Uses Of The Water

Water is the most primary means of food for all the living creature in this world. Plants need the water to prepare them and the process of the photosynthesis is only possible if there are the water, air, and the sunlight.

Humans also need in the water in many of the ways such as for the drinking purpose, making the food, bathing and many of the purpose the water is necessary for the humans.

When the temperature of the land is very much high then the water bodies in certain areas make the process of the cooling down of the temperature.

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