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Each and every region affect the water crisis. It is a global issue which is faced by everyone. It is known to everyone that our planet earth is covered by 70% of water, but it should be known to everyone that all the water is not suitable for human consumption.

The sea water is saline water and it constitutes about 97% of all the water of the earth. Only 3.5% of water is meant for human consumption.


Growing population, industrialization and high standard of living have increased the demand for water in the in recent years.

As the main occupation of India is agriculture, so there is a high demand for groundwater for irrigation purpose. However, some of the farmers follow the wrong technique of farming in which the water is misused a lot which results in the water scarcity.

The demand for water is high in the growing industries and factories which cause a great scarcity of water for other purposes as the water which is supplied to the industrial area, mislead the water.

In the same way, the water which is supplied for the household purpose is also misused by the people. Citizen doesn’t take care of the water and waste it in many ways like while washing clothes, utensil or bathing.

Also, we face the water scarcity due to the pollutant present in the water which is released by the industries and factories in the lake, canals or ponds or sometimes many people dump their garbage nearby the watery area, this also makes the water polluted.

Government Initiation

The government has taken the initiative for cleaning up the river Ganga. This project of government is still working and had shown some of the results. However, many of the rivers remain untreated due to the lack of maintenance or due to the fewer fees of the service.

Water Crisis Effects On Cities

The city of Latur in 2016 experienced a massive water shortage due to which the agricultural occupation was stopped during the time and then there was a huge scarcity of food, resulting in, some people die due to this effect.

Effects On Animals

Many animals found dead in the district of Madurai which is the state of Tamil Nadu, there was a huge water shortage, due to which the animals came in search of water and were dead by fell into the well.


Many awareness campaigns were launched by the government and by much nongovernment organization to spread the knowledge about the water scarcity which is faced not only by the human being but also by every creature.

The social media act as a great platform to spread awareness about the same as social media is used by everyone and much of the time of the human being is passed by surfing on it.


The government and nongovernment has taken the initiative to save water and to reduce down the water of water pollutant now, every individual should take a step as the water is life and is needed by every living being.

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