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India has a big problem in the management of the waste there is a various interrelated type of the waste management task, and their high complexity requires a systematic approach to all type of waste disposal.

Methods Of Waste Disposal

There is various type of disposal method to use but then to the disposal of the waste are not proper. They are as follows:


This is one of the most important techniques used by the disposal authority, throwing the garbage here and there is not proper making the landfills and then disposing of it is the proper method of the waste management.

The process of the disposal focuses attention on burying the waste in the land.

Landfills are commonly found in developing countries. There is the process where the odors of the waste are eliminated before it is placed on the ground.

  • Recovery And Recycling

We should not throw the garbage such as the plastic, paper which can be recycled or can be reused.

The discarded items are then processed to extract or recover materials and the resources then convert them to energy in the form of useable heat, electricity and the fuel.

  • Composting

Composting is that method where the easy and bio-degradation process is followed that takes the organic wastes that are the remains of the plants and the vegetables. Composting is the process of farming where the soil is enriched by the manure.

This method of waste disposal is the best method of the disposal as it can turn the unsafe organic products into safe organic compost, but it is a very slow process of the decomposition.

  • Energy Recovery

Energy recovery is that process where the conversion of the non-recyclable waste materials into usable heat, electricity, or fuel through the variety of process the energy content of the waste products can be harnessed directly by using waste as the fuel sources for cooking heating and the use of the gas and generate steamĀ  and the electricity in a turbine.

The process usually occurs in a sealed vessel under the high pressure. The solid waste can be further refined.

Gasification and advanced plasma arc gasification are used to convert organic materials.

Biomedical waste

The biomedical waste which isĀ hazardous and cannot be decomposed at the same place is handled safely this prevents the contamination from occurring.

These are those waste which is found in the healthcare institute or from the hospitals.

The special waste disposal system for this unit is carried out by the disposal company.

Waste Handling Transport

There is many cares are taken for the disposal of the waste properly and in the better manner.

Wet garbage is disposed separately, and dry garbage is disposed of separately.

There are different methods of the different countries for the disposal of the waste.

Some area which is yet to develop they do not have the proper facility of the wastage collection. There are many authorities which work privately for the disposal of the waste.

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