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India is a diverse country in natural geographical terms. Nature has built many such hills here, which are also cold and pleasant in those days. These or similar such places are often located under the Himalayan ranges which extend far north from Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh in the north.

The Beauty Of Nature

In these places, as different and varied forms of nature have made their door or have opened their beautiful make-up. The philosophy of any of these places is the creator of happiness and happiness.

My Trip

Our economic situation is not such that we can spend too much summer time every year on such a mountainous region; But last year, we decided to get some new experience of the atmosphere thereby spending a few days on the hill site at least a week of summer vacations

The Idea Of Place

First, we decided to go to Kashmir; But due to Pakistani terrorism, the journey there changed the idea of ​​safe and non-negotiable. Then we continued to create programs to go to Uthi, Nainital, Ranikhet, Shimla, and Mussoorie, etc. In the end, we decided to go to Mussoorie, which was the closest hill station from Delhi.

Every Detail

After interrogating Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department and other knowledgeable people, we got all the information about the weather there. Knowing everything about how clothes work in the day, how cold the night is, we started preparing accordingly.

After all, the day came when the friends had to depart for Mussoorie. All friends need their own at night, But they got assembled in a single place with light stuff.

We had to travel by bus and six places for it had already been reserved for us. So wake up early in the morning, take a bath and take breakfast. We left for the first bus to Mussoorie.

Dehradun Journey

Some of Dehradun’s journey remained similar to open plains. As soon as we entered the border of Dehradun, we realized that the people arriving at the top and surrounding plateau, the mounds, and the eucalyptus trees rising around the way, the feeling of joy and happiness that we were literally they are only going on a difficult journey.

The next morning, when it was open, it was seen from the window that all the valley was going to be an * our-as an * aad. It felt like the smoky cloud was coming in the way of the window.

The scene was very captivating. After that, Jhajjar rain and then the sun shines. After breakfast, we had to go to Dhobighat, Campbell Heights, Kamptee Falls, Nehru Park and other places of interest. See all the places in three to four days. The most exciting is the hiking journey to the Kampti Fall.

One day we traveled from Pathankot to Meghalaya towards Dehradun. Everything was fascinating and fun. Seven days did not last long. We came back to the people.


One can not forget the thrill of it till today; the other is the poor state of the poor laborers. How poor are those poor people living in that environment in the end?

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