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Pollution in large metropolitan cities is increasing day by day and the main reason for this is pollution through vehicles. As more people are moving from smaller cities to larger cities, the number of vehicles is increasing and this is deteriorating air quality. In big cities, various diseases are caused by vehicle pollution.

Reasons For Vehicle Pollution

It clearly defines that the reason for increased vehicle pollution is the increased population of the country and thus the rapidly increasing demand for cars, bikes, scooters or other vehicles. Urbanization is also a major cause of vehicle pollution.

As people are constantly moving from rural areas to urban cities, which leads to increased demand for vehicles on the road day by day. Vehicles with petrol or diesel fuel release a large amount of nitrogen oxide, carbon mono oxide, sulfur oxide into the air.

Vehicles are responsible for unwanted elements in the atmosphere that directly or indirectly affect people and all living things on Earth.

Effects of Vehicle Pollution

Vehicle pollution is affecting our environment in various manners such that it is making our environment so harmful that breathing in metro cities is just like taking slow poison from the air. Many diseases are emerging and we can say that increases in air pollution are because of vehicles.

Pollution in the air produces a major impact on human health, including animals and plants, it is badly damaging our ecosystem resulting in global warming. The automobile industry is directly impacting the emerging greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by 80% to 90%.

Vehicle Pollution Measures

Vehicle pollution is a major environmental issue in India that needs to be resolved as soon as possible for our future generations. Air pollution caused by the vehicle can only be controlled by tightening to traffic regulations and increasing the quality of the automobile and manufacturing industries.

Proper care of the tires and fuel tanks of any vehicle helps in lower exhaust emissions. Carpooling, use of transport buses, better and proper road management, use of CNG powered vehicles instead of petrol or diesel have always helped in reducing air pollution.

It is necessary to check regular vehicle pollution from authorized centers, also to remove old vehicles from cities and also to introduce electric vehicles in cities for transportation.

Help From Government, to Reduce Vehicle Pollution

For the control of vehicles on the road, the government has tried to make some efforts from time to time by implementing some new traffic rules. Government of India is working to introduce LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as a fuel, it will reduce pollution from the vehicle.

The government has taken initiative to increase the mass transport system i.e. buses, improving metro, infrastructure development, the road network in various cities.


Because of vehicle pollution slowly but surely, it can make it an unsuitable place to live. Therefore, we should take it seriously and take steps to prevent vehicle pollution regarding all possible solutions.

Problems are always solved, for which we just have to find a better solution. Vehicle pollution in India is at high risk which requires individual attention and support of each and every one.

Updated: March 20, 2020 — 1:46 pm

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