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Nowadays people are furiously playing with the environment by indiscriminately cutting down trees for their selfishness and greed. If the trees are not saved, there will be chaos everywhere and the existence of humans and animals will be in danger, so more and more trees should be planted. And everyone should know the value and importance of trees.

The Tree is Our Life Partner

It makes us live by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen to live. If there were no trees, then life on earth would not have been existing Trees of our nature, keep the whole earth green and happy.

Trees keep giving us something or the other throughout our life, yet we cut trees for our personal selfishness.

Benefits of Trees

  • Trees make the environment clean and beautiful.
  • Trees provide clean oxygen to us by absorbing contaminated and poisonous carbon dioxide and other gases from our atmosphere.
  • Where there is a large number of trees, there is also a very small amount of noise pollution because the density of the trees does not allow the noise to spread.
  • Wherever there is a large amount of trees, there is no erosion of land and with the help of these, the acidity of the land also decreases.
  • We get organic manure from the dry leaves of trees, which makes the land fertile. Due to this crops are good.
  • Trees provide us cool shade in summer.
  • Due to trees, the environment of our earth changes from time to time, due to which the balance of the earth remains.
  • We get flowers, fruits, rubber, lacquer, silk, paper, matchmaking, wood, herbs and other mineral substances from trees.
  • Trees prevent floods by stopping excessive water flow.
  • Due to trees, our wildlife wealth is safe today.
  • Due to trees, every place gets the right amount of rain, which gives us more potable sweet water for the crop.
  • Trees are the lifeguards of all beings.

Importance of Trees in Wildlife  

Trees also have great importance in the life of wildlife animals because the tree is their home. Wildlife animals also get food only through trees.To avoid the scorching sun during the summer days, they sit in the shade of trees, some wildlife hide behind trees from hunting.

Birds build their nests on trees and use their small branches to make nests. That is why, where there are more trees, there are more animals.

Everyone Should Know The Value of Trees 

Trees are an integral part of our lives and it is our responsibility to protect them. As long as trees exist on the earth, only human civilization exists, so we have to protect trees.

Today trees are being cut to make urbanization and big highways but they are not being planted again, everyone should know the value of trees and should stop cutting trees immediately.


Therefore, all the younger generations should have to make all the people aware of the value of trees and plant more trees by campaigning.

Updated: March 20, 2020 — 1:36 pm

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