Essay On Uses of Trees For Students And Children In Simple English

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Trees can be said as a precious gift that is given to us by our nature as they are very much useful for the human beings as they are very important for us and a helpful and useful friend for the humanity. 

As we can say that the trees are the real source of our health because of the trees we get oxygen as they provide oxygen to us and take carbon dioxide from us as with oxygens they also provide us cool air and many fruits vegetables and medicines and many useful things and also because of trees we can make wood furniture houses and other useful things from trees and they are providing the wealth that is needed for us as the things like wood that we get from trees are sold, and they are a good source of earning.

Trees Important For Us

As the trees provide us with many things they are also very much important for us as pollution in our environment is been increasing and because of this the environment is getting disturbed but if we plant more and number of trees they can be used for reducing the pollution and because of this there can be increase in rain and also trees can be helpful for giving homes to many animals and birds as birds make their nest on trees.


Not only we get food from trees there are also many trees which provide us Gum and Rubber which are being made by trees and the paper that we use to write are made by trees. 

Trees change their color according to the season, and they are mostly found in green color as the leaves are green in color, and a plant which is planted at a small is watered and given sunlight that is provided by natural, and after many years it becomes into a great big tree and the leaves and stems that are present in trees are providing food and many other things to the whole tree.

The main thing to grow a tree is a seed when a seed is planted at any place, and a good number of soil can make a tree to grow a huge as the roots of the tree takes water from the ground and later by providing all things by stem and leaves it creates a whole big tree.

Depletion Of Tree

As we can see that there are many global warming effects that are happening in our environment like there are many floods and erosions that are happening and the trees are the only major factor who can stop all these things. 

But the people are cutting the trees for their use, and because of this, there is the number of trees is cut by the people, and many forest areas are being destroyed by the people for building new compartments and industries and so because of this problem of global warming and natural disasters are increasing.

Natural Disasters

To overcome this problem of natural disasters and to plant more and more trees the Government of India has launched many campaigns to plant as many as trees for the protection of our environment from harmful disasters. 

As the trees are the very much important thing for the human beings and as well as for the other living beings as well so we should not cut trees and protect them and plant as many as the tree we can.

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