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Essay On Urbanization For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Define Urbanization

After the great revolution in India the rural population of that the 75% of the male working population engaged in non-agricultural so they are getting migrating towards the urban region.

It also includes the increase in the population living in the urban settlement and the increase in the percentage of the population engaged in non-agricultural activities living in such places.

Importance of Urbanization

According to the above definition, the urbanization is a common phenomenon in the humankind.

This is all related to the growth of the population in India. It is true that the growth of the population increases the development of the country and also the economy of the country.

Industrialization of a country also has an important role in the leading process of country development and also changes in the urban population numbers.

Making the population onto the control was a difficult task and need to support and cooperation among the various government departments.

Another factor is that the modernization of agriculture, which means the transforming process from the outdated technology to the modern economy. During this period science and technology are used to manage the economy of the country.

Agricultural modernization is not only to make the progress of the agricultural mechanisms but also to achieve something in the excellence.

We imagine that there is the migration from rural India towards urban India, but at the same time, the urban region occupies the rural region, indirectly the rural region is also developing at the same time.

Problems faced by Urbanization  

  • Urban Sprawl

The urban region gets expand due to the sprawling the cities, all over the world and all over the country, due to rapidly increased in the population the people make the slums and then leave their life there only as there is no house, so they leave in the footpath, street, etc.

The large flow of the rural to the urban is when the depression took place in the year1930.

There are various problems faced by the people after migrating from the rural to the urban, and also the people living in the urban region also face many of the problems.

  • Overcrowding


This is that situation where the people live in a very little place in a very crowded manner. It also means the overpopulation in urban areas.

It is expected that when a large number of the population squeezed in a small place, it has the problem of the overcrowding.

  • Housing

This overpopulation problem, create the shortage of the house and the problem of slums to be created.

So these, the problem is specifically more acute in the urban areas, and there is also the problems of the unemployment, so they migrate towards the towns or the surrounding area.

  • Unemployment

Today also during the modern economy we face the problems of the unemployment and also it is very serious.

Urban unemployment in India is estimated at 15 to 25 percent to do the labor force.

This percentage is higher than the educated people in the country, most of the educated people move towards the metropolitan cities of our country, as the working condition is better there, so some of them migrate there.

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