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Types of Essay – There are three types of essay. Affective, thoughtful, descriptive Expression of emotion in the emotional-emotional essay. And considering the thoughtful essay, here the word primarily is worth mentioning.

None of the essayists can only walk on the basis of thoughts, they carry with them both expressions and thoughts. But there is the primacy of the poet’s side in it and in the opinion of the poet, there is the composition of an emotional essay on being the prime part of the feeling aspect and, considering the essence of the ideological side.

Thoughtful Essay

The thoughtful essay is to say that neither does the neglect of intellect in the emotional essay. And in an innovative essay, the essayist analyzes historical or scientific perspectives in the heart’s, thought-provoking essays.

The Intimacy Of The Reader

But like historical or scientist, he does not have a cachet with the subject, but he disrupts himself with the subject. The essayist’s meditation in the thoughtful essay is through his contemplation, he conveys his point to the readers.

Its aim is to establish the intimacy of readers’ intellectuals. Style of the essay – Two things are required to write an essay. Both language and language are equally important.

The way the expressions are needed to write Similarly, in the absence of language one does not have any significance. Style of language and language is called style. Where the mood and language match. The same style becomes.

Good Style Is Needed

A good style is that which flows to the reader. It does not put the reader in the confusion of words, bad style is that keeps the reader in the maze of words.

Here the author’s intentions for readers are found. And leaving the confusion of words keeps an ablution of his power. There is a difference between the expressions and language of each author. Therefore, there will be differences in their style, mainly from the perspective of language.

The Difference In Expression And Language In The Essay

There were two friends. Prasad style, society style, The simplest way to say things in a simple language was the Prasad style. The simple words and the way to say the shortest time are the goals of the simplest style. Comfort is the prime attribute of this genre. It is natural to have Prasad properties in the style of a good writer.

In the Prasad style,  serious expressions are expressed in simple words. The second thing to say in a difficult word is not the use of ordinary language but the use of unequal language is the goal of society.

The language is difficult and complicated in it. This style considers the objective of the social formation of language to hide the lack of sense. That is the reason why there is more complexity in the language due to complexity in their expressions.


This style is appropriate for writers who do not have to say anything literally, only to create language traps. In the above two types of styles, writers should write an essay in the first type of style.

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