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In the surrounding, we see different types of trees, which is useful for humankind in some or the other way. Trees are also important for ecological balance.

Some bear flowers, fruits, or some have medicinal values. However many trees have been cut down, or they fall by themselves, both the human being should prevent the cases.

For the balanced ecosystem and to make surrounding pollution free, every citizen should encourage themselves and others for the tree plantation.

What Is Forest

Trees can be found everywhere around the human being. Wen, the plenty of different trees, grows nearby to each other is called a forest.

The Cultural Aspect Of The Trees

Indian people are very devoted to nature. They believe in everything god resides. Indian also worship the trees such as Banana, Banyan, Peepul, plants such as Tulsi, etc.

Other Benefits Of Trees

Trees not only make surrounding beautiful but also has some additional added value. Many parts of the trees are edible. Trees clean the surrounding clean and refresh the air.

Trees have the capabilities of producing oxygen and consuming the carbon dioxide and even other toxic gases which make the global warming increase.

Trees also block down the heat of the sun and act as n natural cooler, the coolness which the tree provides is much beneficial than the artificial cooler or fan.

The trees can break the strong force of the wind, and it protects the houses of roofs, etc. The pollution level gets controlled due to the tree, as they act like the dustbin for the harmful gas.

Trees also have the capabilities to reduce noise pollution. The tree plantation can prevent Even soil erosion.

Medicinal Value Of Trees

Many trees have therapeutic value. For example, every part of the neem tree is useful. Neem oil is used for rubbing on the bodies of the babies.

The leaves of the neem are used in the treatment of acne and pimple. Many people even drink the juices of Neem leave to keep diabetes in control.

The dried neem leaves are used as fuel against the mosquito. The barks of the tree are used in making roofs of the houses. Neem leaves cure many infectious diseases such as chicken pox, etc.

Te babul tree has the same medicinal value. The other tree with a massive trunk is used for different purposes; wood can be obtained and can make furniture out of it.

Trees give peaceful shadows, sweet fruits as well as flowers.

In spite of having so many benefits of the trees, many people are cutting a tree, which is an illegal act.

Way To Conserve Trees

An awareness campaign should be launched to save trees. If someone has removed the tree illegally, we should immediately consult with media or local government to file the case or to issue the letter for the reimplantation of a tree on the same place. Promotion of the tree plantation should be done.

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