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By managing the effects of rain, sun, wind, the tree is a useful source of controlling the climate. In balancing the ecosystem in nature, the trees are very essential for balancing it.

HowWe Can Save The Trees 

There are many effective’ ways by which we can save the trees and also save life as well as the environment on the earth. They are as follows:

Regarding the issues of removing the trees, you can contact your city council representatives and discuss this situation and find the solution.

Regarding this situation, you can contact the media and make them on our side for the removal of trees for generation awareness as well as the public.

In all the benefits of trees, you should research and collect it.

You can contact to the local government or NPOs i.e. non-profit organization for replantation in the same area or society.

Why Trees Are Essential For Life On The Earth 

There are much reasons for the trees to save them because they give us many foods, furniture and most valuable thing i.e. oxygen. The trees are very important for living on the earth not only for human beings but also for the animals.

Following are some of the importance of trees for a healthy life trees help to improve our status and also it helps to add lots of value for our lives because they provide us fresh oxygen and nutritious foods for us.

Trees help to prevent soil erosion as well as it also supports wildlife.

By preventing the water evaporation trees help in water conservation.

Trees when getting old then they become the historic landmarks and also the source of town pride.

For balancing the ecosystem in the nature trees help us and due to this, they are very important.

Trees reduce air pollution and provide oxygen by filtering the gases which are harmful to us.

For the forest animals, trees are a good source of food as well as shelter.

For instance, birds make the nest for the living in it as a home on the trunk of plants.

What Are The Benefits Trees 

There are many benefits of trees which help us. Following are the benefits of the trees:

The summer heat, as well as low temperature of winter to these trees, helps to combat it.

By holding the huge amount of soil in one place, it helps to prevent soil erosion.

The requirement of oxygen for the 18 peoples per year, this may be provided by an acre of mature trees.

They are the good sources of shelter, medicines, economy, foods such as vegetables, fruits, etc.

To protect from the ultraviolet rays, trees provide a strong shield for us.

Due to trees, we are safe by skin cancer and also other skin disorders.

By seeing all the benefits, the importance of trees which are mentioned above, by this you can save our environment.

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