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The structural elements of the ecosystem refer to the trees. Except in the dry and cold climate, they (trees) form the most noticeable living objects. In association with each type of trees have whole communities of the other organism.

Only in the broad-leaved trees some of the birds or insects are found here only.

Trees have a very important place in our life or we can say over all living things as well as non-living things life. Tree plays a very significant role in each and every mode of life.

It gives the oxygen in the day time and in the night it gives or throws out the carbon dioxide in the air for all the plants to sustain. They give us fruits and also it is useful for all plants and animals for their sustainable. Trees are also useful for making different types of furniture.

Importance Of Trees And Also Its Value 

Trees perform a very vital role in our life, they give us food and oxygen which is very important for the sustainable. As we use, they provide us basic necessities like medicine, shelter, and tools.

Environmental And Ecological Value

By providing oxygen, improving the quality of air, water conserving, soil preservation, supporting wildlife is the contribution of the tree so their environment.

Social As Well As Community Value

Each and every community of trees have a very important part. Trees create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment, our streets, parks, backyards, and playground are lined with it.

Value Of Personal And Spiritual

Trees are not only beautiful to see but also they are majestic due to this all people like them. There are an endless variety of trees they are their forms, texture, vibrant colors and shapes are seen by different species.

Economic And Property Value

Saving of energy costs is benefited for direct economic. Cost of heating get lowered when the windbreak served by the trees and in a tree-shaded home, the cost of cooling get reduce.

Benefits Of Trees 

Provide Food

Every year an apple tree can yield up to 15-20 bundle of fruits and can be able to plant on the tiniest urban lots.

Mark The Seasons

Trees are used for the marking the season by planting more trees there are the chances of the rainy season.

Help To Prevent Soil Erosion

Trees slow runoff and in the place, it holds the soil on the hillsides or slope of stream.

Save Water

From thirsty lawns, the evaporation of water is shade from trees. Most of the newly planted trees need 15 gallons of water a week.

Conserve Energy

Trees can cut summer air conditioning by placing three trees strategically around a home of single family need by up to 50%.

Provide Oxygen

For 18 people the acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen in one year.

Clean The Air

The odors and pollutant gases such as ammonia, ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen are absorbed by the trees and filter out of the air.

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