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Traffic is a curse because of it more of vehicles on the road get stuck and it also makes the road congested and very hard to drive out of it. It always makes it time-consuming and even for the bicycle it is not so good.

Delay Because of Traffic

People get delayed to their office every day because of traffic. Most of the people travel more than 2 to 3 hours for reaching their office on time because they very well know that they will be stuck into the traffic and are they know they cannot do anything for that.

Traffic Problems in India

Well we all know that India comes second in the world in count of population there is number of people who are having two and four wheeler.

Those people who have their own vehicles to travel across their office or school colleges different places. Apart from them there are local transportation is also running on the same road which makes more crowd on the road also.

Local Transport

As we know that most of the people nowadays purchase their own two wheeler or four wheeler and to that the local transportation are getting waste.

What so ever thudded e traffic because of this is getting increase. Most of the people don’t even understand that they are creating so much of traffic just because they need a separate vehicle to travel on the same route of their office.

Traffic by Youth

Nowadays most of the youth prefer to have their own to vehicles. If a boy is going to college he needs a bike or a girl is going to a college she needs a scooty. They need it separated because they warned that the time which is consumed by other transportation they can utilize it to in the studies.

But it is not always the same scenario the youngsters want the two wheeler for their fun they need to travel one place to another just for fun which also makes the road more crowded to travel.

Problems of Traffic Jam

Most of the traffic jam are more than 1 to 2 hours which is very much disaster then anything.

If a person is heading towards the meeting which is very important for him and he get stuck in a traffic jam what should he do he cannot jump from the car and walk for to the meeting. He have to stay in that car for more than two hours and then he will reach to his destiny this is purely wastage of time.

Petrol and Diesel Consumption

Increment of two wheeler and four wheeler have also increase the consumption of petrol and diesel. We all know that petrol and diesel something which are not create.

We are dependent for this resources only to the ground we cannot create this two resources which are not able to create by normal human beings.

So this is something which is also in reducing the natural resource from the earth.

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