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Essay On Topic For College Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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The topic for the college-going student is not easy, they had to write an essay according to their intellect and to show they’re grown-up mind in their writing. However, the college-going students learn the habit of writing an essay from their childhood means from the lower standard.


The very common basic topic every student must have got in their school days is me and my family. This two common topic teach many things to the students.


There are different types of essay some are an argumentative essay. In this type, the essay writer should be in aggressive thought for the topic.


Another one is imaginative. Here, the writer has to imagine him or her in some or the other situation.


Next, we can say the descriptive one. Here, the writer of the essay has to describe the topic in a lengthy way, so that the learner should not have any kind of doubt related to the topic.

Are given some essay topic for the college-going students.

Next Challenges of Modern Indian Youth

Youth contribution to the media.

The role and place of youth in Indian politics.

Duties and Responsibilities of 21st Century Indian Youth

Global research and Indian youth.

Back in competition exams, why young?

Patriotism and youth

Information and youth

Opportunity for employment for various youth for different types of youth.

Is the competition good for young  India?

Mobile phone, curse that boon?

Artificial intelligence and man

Today’s youth language

Book I like

A person remembered

Sing my life

Farmer’s Occult

If Shivaji would be there today?

If the sun did not rise then what would happen?

Farmer’s Autobiography

India’s Democracy

Progressive Maharashtra’s journey

True criminal of Dabholkar

Water scarcity ….. Sunrise of the Third World War

India in my dream

Internet curse and a boon

India is my country

The benefit of health and exercise

Wildlife protection essay

Global warming essay

Digital India essay

Cleanliness campaign essay

My country my pride essay

If I will become the prime minister instead of the current prime minister which positive changes will come?

Is disclosing identity is good on social media/internet?

Is online learning is better than face to face learning?

Mobile a boon or a curse

Is really technology has made us advanced?

Role of the robot in human lives

Is a long hour of school is good for the primary section of the school?

Is the age of marriage for girls and boys is right according to the current system?

Essay on the election system

How the parent’s hopes are different from the children ambition?

Why girls are much pressurized to have perfect bodies?

Local problem essay

Community harmony should be maintained essay

Secularism essay

Essay on powers of the military

Modification of villages for good

Are women misuse the law?

Should juvenile be given strict punishment?

How parenting is difficult?

Are parents doing good by giving punishment to their children on their mistake?


This is some topic which can help the college going student to choose a different essay topic.

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