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How To Write The Essay?

Originally our topic was “How to Write an Essay”. Let me tell you one thing that there was a disappointing experience that had entered the education world. After examinations, the examination related to a student said, “The essay has been left because it has not been missed.” I wondered, “I have to memorize the essence”? She did not answer.

After a lot of brainstorming, I saw this lack of complete teaching process that we could not possibly understand why the essay writing has been added in the curriculum. On the debate of students in the class, they often used to say that if they can not explain their thoughts and find a solution to the problem in violence then all the teaching-system is unsuccessful. Learning art is a fundamental principle of essay writing.

Essays In The Course

Students learn to gather their ideas.

Get ideas expressed in a balanced way.

Learn to use language properly.

Students have their own views on any subject.

Their conceptual level can be fixed.

Matures at the sensory and ideological level.

They can give a positive direction to their thoughts.

Learn to keep your thoughts firmly.

Develop a critical approach.

While Writing The Essay, Students Should Pay Attention To These Things:

Collecting Information

Collect as much information as possible on the topic of the essay; you can get help from the internet and the library. You can also get information about the subject related books or articles from your teacher.

If you want to use a definition or statement, then write it down and note its source too. You must remember the words of the great men, especially, to emphasize your thinking.

Keep in mind that the purpose behind studying is not to cry things, but to increase their knowledge and to develop one’s thinking.

Study Of The Essay

Study excellent pre-written essays. In doing so, you have to understand the format of a good essay. It is not necessary that you read the article on the subject on which you have to write yourself, you can improve your writing by reading an excellent essay written on any topic.

Discussion Of Thought

Discuss the thoughts you have made about your subject with your friends or family. Take note of the critical points that are discussed and use it in their essay if it is correct.

Making Of Outline

Before writing the essay, outline it: Think of what is written at the beginning, middle and end, and write in bullet points on any other page.

The language of the essay is simple and clear. Be based on your experiences.  Every fact is in order, for example, the meaning of the problem, the reasons for the removal of the problem, the epilogue in the end Рall things are in proper order. Avoid unnecessary expansions.

If any of the famous poets or great men related to the subject are in memory, then surely they must write. Repeat in the end and make necessary corrections and give special attention to spelling.


Keeping these facts in mind, the student can carry 100% marks in essay writing. Essay writing is intense as the ocean, but if you get into it, then you will undoubtedly get the pearl of success.

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