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Tigers are the largest member of the cat family which are in wild animals and are living in forest areas. Tiger is a national animal of our India and there are many tigers that are living in India. Tigers come in the wild animals and carnivorous animals they are been kept away from the humans as they can harm the human beings as they are carnivorous in nature.


Tigers can be easily recognizable as they are having a very beautiful color as they have Orange fur with black stripes on them and a white belly. Tigers have blue eyes or green eyes and they are very beautiful to see and these eyes glow in the dark and they can easily be able to see their prey in the dark. There are two colors a tiger have mostly the Tigers are with orange furs like Bengal tigers and some of the Tigers have the white coat on it but they are mostly be seen one in a ten thousand tiger.

Their Living

Tigers are those animals which are living in the forest areas near to water resources and also they can be found in many forests as well as the forest is a home of tigers. There are many species of tigers that have been living in Asia and as well as in other countries like India have mostly Bengal tigers Siberian tigers and other species are been found in different countries. As tigers are carnivorous animals they eat all the flesh and meat they get and mostly they have to kill their prey for their eating probably they can kill a human being as well for their eating.

At one time they have to eat the huge amount of meat and about 23 kilograms to eat at a time their style of catching their prey is very planned and they attack their prey very well and catch them in their throat and suffocate them and that way they kill them. Mostly their preys are deer monkeys pigs buffaloes who live with them in their forest areas and they mostly attack them at the night as they can see properly at night as well. So every species of tigers gets their own food by killing their prey and new their life.

Tigers and Humans

As there are many species of tigers that are been found in many different countries but from the past the ratio of tigers are been decreasing in a great numbers as many tigers are being killed by the people and some of the tigers are being dead because of some illness as they are not getting proper food and so because of this the species and number of tigers are getting decreasing.


People hunt tigers for their skin color and destroy their habitats and they sell their body parts as well like nails are being used to make ornaments and because of all this, the tiger is been decreasing. Because of the decrease in the number of tigers many tigers that are being lived in the forest are kept in the zoo for a proper security and providing them a good amount of food to be live and not to get them decreasing from the environment.

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