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The tiger is the pride of our country because it is the most powerful animal among the animals of the forest that is why the Government of India has chosen the tiger as the national animal of our country. Let us know more about the tiger, through this essay.

About Tigers

It is almost like cats because it belongs to the cat family. Tigers are known as the largest species of the cat family. It has large teeth and a long tail. It can be of various colors, such as white, blue and orange.

Although all have black stripes on their body. It can run long distances with huge jumps in a few minutes as it has god-given padded legs with sharp claws. Its four teeth, upper and two in the lower jaw are very heavy and strong enough to grab a prey to meet its heavy hunger.

The length and height of a tiger can be 8 to 10 feet and 3 to 4 feet respectively. Tigers are carnivorous animals and love to eat humans and other animals.

Tigers are Found Where in India? 

In India, tigers are commonly found in Central India, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, etc. Actually, more tigers are found in African forests but the Royal Bengal Tigers are the most beautiful of all and are mostly found in India.

Species of Tigers

There are many species of tigers found which are Malayan tiger, Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, Caspian tiger, Sumatran tiger, South-Chinese tiger, Bali tiger, Indo-Chinese tiger, and Jawan Tiger.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of tigers is normal. Usually, tigers live up to 15-16 years. Their season for sexual intercourse is not fixed. Their gestation period is 90 to 95 days and the female tigress can give birth to 2 to 6 cub at a time. Tigers get mature at the age of 3 to 4 years.

Tigers Are The Pride of The Country

The tiger has always been given an important position by Hindus in India. According to Indians, tigers are a symbol of wealth & success. The tigers have been the vehicle of the Hindu Goddess, Maa Durga. The Bengal tigers are also been worshiped by the tribes.

Save Tiger Project

Project Tiger is a campaign undertaken by the Government of India to maintain the tiger population in the country. It is established to protect tigers from the extreme danger of extinction.

The project is created to focus on the conservation of remaining tigers throughout the country, as well as to increase their numbers through the breeding of the species. To provide security and a natural environment for them, many tigers have been reserved throughout the country.

It saw a significant improvement in the tiger population in the country till now. However, despite the increase in population, the tiger population in the country is still not satisfactory compared to the efforts and money put into the project.


Due to the excessive hunting of the tigers, species of tigers is now in crisis, therefore we should make every effort to save the tigers.

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