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English is also known as interacting and communicating language. The English language plays a vital role in every field. Language is acceptable worldwide.

Most Common Language

Every child learns English from a very young age. Somewhere it is used as a first or a second language. It is a universal language. About 70 of the country in a globe has English as their first language.

Business Language

English comes on the 3rd rank in the most common language of human being in the world. The language is also known as the business language. The business deal and meeting are commonly done in the same style.

Unique Language

The English language is unique. The phonics sound of the language is the reason for the same. English is a language which shows the personality of a person on personal as well as a professional level.

Influenced The Modern World

The dynamic language has significantly changed modern society. The language was spread under the British time as in the era; the government at that time was using the English language to communicate.

Education In School

The modern time is an English era. Every parent needs their child to learn English. No matter whether they are poor or rich, but they try to give them an education in English.

If a student is from Hindi medium, ultimately the college level takes them to the English language as it is the time when a student chooses in which field they will make their career. The most global teaching comes in the English language.

Science And Technology

In the field of science and technology, English has a vast impact. The student who goes to foreign countries seems more confident to communicate with others in the English language. When one choose science as their background, their English should be strong because here the pupil has to deal internationally.

Importance Of Grammar In The Language

The grammar of any subject plays an essential role in the language. It also shows the personality of a person. It is indeed correct when a person knows the proper grammar than only he/she will be able to make meaningful use of the language when necessary.

Grammar is very useful to differentiate between right and wrong English. It is nothing but the grammar which helps the child at an early age to frame sentence.

Develop The Personality

It is nothing but effective communication; the confidence shows the figure of a person. Generally, it is seen that the person who knows the English language are more well mannered. With the English language, we can desirably pass on our message.

The English language also has the power to convince others in a shorter span.

Learning the language

English is a language which is very easy to learn, speak and write. We have to keep some or the other points in mind. For example, we should always remember that there is no age of learning. No one can be master in one day, so always try to communicate in English. Go in deep to achieve the goal.

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