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For a kids in standard one the earth is just a circle ball from which they imagines to play. There is a very low IQ for a first standard student to understand the deep concept of earth. Well earth is something very much important for everyone so it’s not only for the kids to understand but also it is very important to understand for the young people also.

Information About the Earth

Before starting with the information we would like to share some points which makes our earth more understandable in simple terms. It is a place where we all live.

We all are separated by the countries states and many more things but the place where we all are united is called as earth. So it is also something which makes us equally important and also gives a very big responsibility towards the planet be called earth.

As we know that earth is the place where we live but it is also the place where we can survive in the whole galaxy. There is no other place where the human life can be existed so we should always be thankful to God for giving us a proper and beautiful earth to live.

We have all the resources and functions which we need to grow and even make our life better so we should always understand the importance of earth and make sure that we always improve from our side.

First Class Student

Now if we talk about the students in first standard they are very innocent and they don’t even understand what is the earth. They just have a simple knowledge off of it that it is in a round shape, moreover they must be knowing that earth is round and we live into it .

The first standard student don’t even remember their own address how could they can manage to understand this whole information which is not even possible for the young generation to understand.

Well it is hard to understand but not impossible there are students who understand the concept of a far better then the scientist, there are students who make us feel that there is nothing impossible in this earth and they are the living examples for it. So never ever underestimate anyone in any field you never know how much he or she can be get into the deep of it.

Problems of Earth

As the other students who are going to learn about earth we should also tell them about the problems which we are the facing right now. Because they are the upcoming youth generation who is going to take care of the earth, so we should always make sure that they are aware of the knowledge from which they can protect the earth.

There are few problems or we can say so many problems which we are the facing right now the most common problem which is the global warming. As the global warming is increasing in our environment the heat is also getting increased and as per the scientist knowledge it is a very big threat to the global warming are the human beings.

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