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What is the reason people become terrorists? They are also human beans which are having family and friends just like us. But they are motivated to words doing something wrong which harts the other human beings.

Most of the people just think that the human being which is doing all this is doing for its God but none of the gods ever said that they need the lives of other people.

Well, it is the wrong theory which the terrorist have created for defending themselves.

Terrorism in Countries

Every country has this problem and they are trying to get rid of this issue terrorism is a very big problem for most of all the countries. Well we talk about India last year from the government there are so many different ways are started to stop terrorism in India.

The Indian government has paid 50,000 crore rupees for making sure that terrorism is been reduced by their country.

Well we all know that India is the second-largest populated country in the world so the government needs to take some of the other crucial decisions to protect their citizens

Crucial Terrorist Attack

All the attacks done by this terrorist are crucial but if we remain of some very crucial terrorist attack we cannot forget the Taj Mahal hotels 26/11 attack.

It was the worst night Mayor of Mumbai all the Mumbai people were facing this problem just because of this stupid terrorist. The people who were encouraging the terrorist in that attack the Mumbai lost great soldiers.

Who were there to defeat the intruders on the border they were specially called from the helicopter to make sure that the situation of Mumbai can be called in to control.

How Terrorism Starts

Terrorist is just a human he also bleed he also feels the pain he also has family and friends. So what do the differences the terrorist do not have any mercy any pain for others?

He is just a selfish person who is doing all this to make his own demands complete. All these terrorist people whom we have seen several times they just get into some of the other organizations.

So that they can fulfill their opus of becoming a terrorist well they all have the same purpose to get into this stupid organization which is called the terrorism.

India is Surrounded by Terrorist

When we talk about India. India is the second-largest populated country in the world and similarly, India is always surrounded by the countries which are just ready to be over.

We talk about Pakistan country which is being separated from India. They are always ready to get hold of India and always try to create terrorism in our country.

But now we have also started giving back answers to them and we also know how to control their terrorist attack. After doing all this we know how we save our people in our country and make them provide for the government.

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