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Well, we All have seen tennis but there are very few numbers of people who are aware of what is actually tennis is.

First I would like to tell you about when did the tennis court started in the fifth century BC tennis is being played by several people.

There has been found a painting that describes that A person is hitting a ball and another is hitting from another side well it is a symbol that how old is this game.

As there are chances that the old age people who played this game used to call it something else but as we know that name can be changed but the game is the same.

Tennis played by the people

Well, most of the people from Australia play tennis. It is a very popular sport in their country all the people of any age please tennis and it is very easy. Because it just consists of two people whenever they feel that it is good weather to play tennis they jump into the tennis court.

Start playing it also makes them healthy because tennis is the game which requires all your body muscles to function in a sequence.

It makes your concentration also better and makes you stretchable nowadays there are so many tournaments and contest of tennis game are played by all the ages of people.

Health benefit of tennis

A happy senior couple stays active by playing tennis. Room for Text

Tennis helps you to increase your Arabic capabilities & burns more than 200 to 250 cal in a single match.

Improves metabolic some function lowering the body fat improving the muscle tone strengthening and flexibility increasing reactions time.

These are the benefits of playing tennis & there are more benefits to playing tennis but it is not possible to explain to you all of them at a single time.

The requirement to play tennis

In Australia Tennis is a very popular game played over there.

It only requires a few things to play for example you need an opponent at tennis racket a ball.

Well in Australia there are many places where there are private clubs where you can play tennis and also public clubs where you can play for free many of the clubs.

They have an option of getting an opponent for you because it’s not obvious that whenever you are interested to play tennis you also have someone else so clubs are helpful for this.

Always remember a few things before playing tennis

Tennis is a good sport which maintains your health fitness strain and stress.

It also has social and physiological benefits you can play tennis with anyone like your friends family members or any person who is available in the tennis court.

Tennis should always be played with a fully healthy condition because if you don’t take care of your health there are chances that you can get injured.

Never ever be able to play tennis again so make sure whenever you go to any of tennis you are physically healthy.

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