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Television is a reality for the world of children since in it they see everything presented as examples of what they can learn from reality or fiction. The images, sounds, concepts, and others that appear in the T.V, contribute directly to Education.

The Children

Television also influences the behavior of each of them, in a way that their family does not include in it, and in this way children spend hours in front of the television watching a series of programs that are not useful, as there are that if they come to be useful in the whole context of their lives.


There are a variety of programs whose contents are not suitable for the schedule in which it is presented since children tend to watch television and this is where programs such as sexual, violent, aggressive, immoral, etc. are found.

There are programs in which they have content that is not educational and these programs absorb the ideas and thoughts and intelligence of children and one or the other handle them into little people who can not do things alone.

In Education


allows critical development through educational programs. There are many educational channels in which the mathematical solving programme or English learning programme is shown.

It helps us to know how to interpret speech, listen, observe and relate in different scenarios of daily life. It has a diversity of topics in which they arrive with their classmates to debate a topic of importance.


It can be evidenced in the t.v that educational programs with negative content. The programs that are of high quality for the students are not in the schedules that the students can see and interact.

The programs that are not fruitful for the students are those that attract the attention, the ideas, and even the intelligence each one. Acausal of the misuse of the one of the television can arrive at general negative changes in its academic formation etc.

Forgetting Another Task

The people who love to watch television programme become so engrossed in watching their favorite serial that they even forget about the family member and also about another task.

Crime Show

The crime show which is showing on the television is not at all suitable for teenage, or even we can say for anyone. These kind os television shows give an idea of attempting crime to the citizen.

Health Effect

The people who are continuously watching television has an adverse impact on health. They can affect with poor eyesight and back problem.


Finally, I want to draw a conclusion, television depends on us and how we give it good use, and so have a good television that teaches for the future that is children. We must start from now on to create an awareness of society and different channels so that they invest in worthwhile things such as educational programs.

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