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Technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage and exchange information. At the beginning of time, human beings made use of it for the process of discovery of the world and evolution.

What Is Technology

Technology is the knowledge and use of tools, techniques, and systems in order to serve a larger purpose such as solving problems or making life easier and better. Its importance for human beings is enormous because it has helped them adapt to the environment.


The development of high technology has helped to conquer communication barriers and reduce the gap between people around the world. Distant places have become closer each time and consequently, the pace of life has increased. Things that used to take hours to complete, can be done in a matter of seconds now. The world is smaller and life is much faster.

An Integral Part Of Our Lives

Technological advances have become an essential part of our lives. Whether we are working or resting, he is always present to make our lives simpler.

Improvement In The Standard

Due to its application, our standard of living has improved, as needs are more easily met. In general, all industries benefit from it, be it medicine, tourism, education, entertainment, among many others.


In addition, companies have grown and become more efficient, helping to create new employment opportunities. The application of technology has driven research in fields ranging from genetics to extraterrestrial space.

Laptop And Mobile

The mobile device is an example: the faster the world moves, the more technological advances are offered. Laptops become thinner and smaller, become more compact each year and offer more capabilities and superior performance. They must be able to process a large amount of information in a faster and more concise way.


The same happens with phones, the need to be able to communicate at any time and anywhere has been taken as a basis to create the cell phone, which is increasingly manufactured smaller and has more features, games, entertainment, and applications, until reaching the point of being almost like a pocket computer. To make matters worse, it’s market price drops rapidly as new products are launched and becomes more accessible. Importance of technology is almost always linked to practical uses.

Great Links

Link to the great needs of humanity, technologies of great value have always appeared. For the need of human communication came to the telephone, television, radio, internet … With the health needs, advances have emerged in surgery, general medicine, clinical analysis.

Industrial Technology

With the economic needs have emerged new industrial technologies, process technologies, extraction, and so we could continue to infinity because there is no area in which technology is not present: be it economic, industrial, social, political, scientific, legislative, educational … etc, as soon as it allows an improvement of the final result or a simplification of the intermediate processes.


This previous term has changed in recent years the old concept of technology as an enhancer of the final performance.

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