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World no tobacco day has been celebrated on 31st May every year, and this day has been dedicated to encouraging the people for not having this substance to the body. All the people in this globe have celebrated this day.

Has we all know that these substances have been causing health hazards, and there is more than 7 million death all around the globe.

We can see that there are many of the youngsters causing to death, due to the in taking of the harmful substances in the body. So now the government is also taking the initiative for World no tobacco day.

Government Initiative

There are some of the measures taken by the government like they have been making a dome of the places some free. Such as the public garden, workplaces, transportation, etc. if they have been found acting against the rule, there is the fine and the punishment for the same.

There are many of the NGOs which have been supported by the government, and if the people want to quit the tobacco, then they have been helped like there are the toll-free tobacco quitlines.

We can see that there have been “aware” in the packing of these substances, in the smoking packet only we can see that there is the message in the top. The government has implemented this.

There are many of the campaign launched by the government to aware the people about the harmful effect of tobacco on the health of the people.

Government has also increased the tax rate of tobacco. And hence there is also the ban in the promotion and the sponsorship of the smoke.

Forms Of Tobacco Intake

Cigarette – Most familiar and most harmful

Bidi – most commonly used style in India

Cigar –

Hookah (Hubble bubble)


Tobacco chewing

Kreteks (clove cigarettes)

Snuff – Moist & Dry

E-cigarette – recent intruder in the list


Addiction of such substances may cause many of the problems to the person who is in taking it, smoking and the use of tobacco mainly affect the lungs and the inner part of the body. This can directly cause the death of the person if he/she has the habit of daily in taking of such substances.


The daily use of this tobacco may lead to the disease called cancer, and this is the deadly disease which can harm your entire life. Cancer in the mouth causes due to the stuck of the tobacco in the teeth or the throat. Lung cancer is also caused due to smoking and the eating of tobacco.

Mainly the people who are non-smoker also get affected due to the smoke mix in the air, and the people breathing the air. This also affects their life.

Respiratory Disorders

Cigarette smoking can cause many of the cases of the lung disease, then after the people who have been suffering from asthma should not never addict to this. This disease also causes death to the people.

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