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To clean 4,041 cities and towns in India is the primary motive of Swach Bharat Abhiyan. The Honourable prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi Ji initiated the Swach Bharat campaign on the 145th birth anniversary on Mahatma Gandhi, i.e., on 2nd of October,14.

What Is Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Swachta Abhiyan is a cleanliness campaign, almost around  3 million government servant and the employee of the private sector along with the college students participated in the campaign.

Mr. Narendra Modi Ji made a chain of nine people, and requested to these nine to invite other nine to the campaign and so on. The primary motive was to make our nation clean and green also free from the diseases.

Making Of Latrines

The Swach Bharat Abhiyan is a cleaning mission. The Abiyan is to make all the remote area, cities and towns clean and hygienic. The Swach Bharat Abhiyan include not only cleaning but also making of the latrines as it comes under the cleanliness.

The people in the remote area, use to go in the field for excretion and due to this, there is a spread of many types of diseases. So to stop this government set up to build latrines free of cost.

Setting Up Hand Pumps

In the remote areas, the government took the initiative to make proper bathing facility, setting up hand pump, to receive an adequate amount of water. There were also set up for appropriate drainage, disposal of waste, means in together if we see the government provided along with the household, sanitization facilities to make village clean and free from diseases.

First Drive

Narendra Modi Ji was seen cleaning up the road on 25th of September in 2014; this was the first drive of the campaign which was started by the honorable prime minister.

Observation Of The  Swachta Abhiyan

As soon as the campaign starts, the people all over India took the pledge, to make their city clean and green. The chain of the nine people undoubtedly worked in the drive.

Even the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh started the campaign on March 2017, by banning the chewing gum, pan tobacco, cigarette, and other hazardous intaking substance to make Uttar Pradesh a clean city.

Benefits Of Swachta Abhiyan

The Gross Domestic Product of the nation will be high; there will be a great employment opportunity; there will be fewer diseases and death rate. As our India will become clean and green, it will be the primary attraction of tourist, which is directly progress in the economy of the country.

If we gave 100 hours per year for the drive, our nation would be cleaned by the year 2019, this is said by our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Mod Ji.


The Swach Bharat Abhiyan is not only the policy of Government, but also the common man should take initiation to keep their city and nation clean.

Let us pledge together, to make our nation develop, make it green and clean.

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