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Essay On Swachata Abhiyan For Class 4th Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN is a mission of cleanliness. It is a mission to clean India drive and it was launched by the Indian government as a national campaign. It is aimed to maintain the cleanliness of streets, roads and various infrastructure of the country. SHRI NARENDRA MODI has started the mission in New Delhi at Rajput.

Again the government of India restructured the Comprehensive Rural Sanitation Programme and the total sanitation campaign was launched (i.e. TSC) on 1st April 2000. On 1st April 2012 which was later renamed by Prime Minister, “MANMOHAN SINGH” was “NIRMAL BHARAT ABHIYAN”

Main Aim To Start The Swachh Mission 

On Independence Day, the PM (NARENDRA MODI) had been delivered the speech on “clean India” that this movement associated in the country with economic activity. The main objective of this mission is to create sanitation facility for all Indians. From 2019, its aim to provide each and every rural family have a toilet.

In India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Is Successful Or Not   

It is true that working towards great India is undoubtedly is a good thing, instead of ignoring this issue. Although this target seems to be unbelievable from 2019.

History Of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Around 3 million government employees involving students also from school and colleges on the day of the launch of the campaign and make it popularized and create a common public awareness about this movement all over the globe. On 2nd Oct in 2014 at RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN this event was organized in the presence of 1500 people. MR. PRANAB MUKHERJEE flagged off this event.

Role On Sanitation 

MAHATMA GANDHIJI was always supported to cleanliness. About the dirt roads, streets, temples, etc. he was much concerned about it. Also “HARIJAN BASIS” of the country.

Gandhi Seva Ashram 

In 1934, there is a reference to Mahatma Gandhi, he was leaving in Patna in D.G. TENDULKAR as a part of the HARIJAN tour for Orissa.

Swachh Bharat Campaign India 

Prime minister of India “NARENDRA MODI” was heed to call for the corporate India which is enthusiastically which was taken for ABHIYAN a successful.

 Participation Of Schools And Colleges 

The SWACHHTA ABHIYAN was followed by each and every student from the school, universities, colleges and other institution of education. They always join the campaign of SWACHHTA ABHIYAN.

Cleanliness Drives In India And Other Countries 

Getting inspired by this campaign the Indo- Nepal doctors association has launched a campaign known as “SWACHH BHARAT NEPAL – SWASTH BHARAT NEPAL ABHIYAN” on 3rd Jan 2015.

Impact On Various Rural Communities

The mission of SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN is on-going and won’t be felt with immediate effect.

There are various effects of SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN are given below:


The clean India movement has been creating a great impact on resources will definitely increase this mission. India has the greatest resources known as human resources.

There are many healthy persons who are available for work by which it will lead to an increase in workforce and efficiency.

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