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If we talk about the Sun we all have seen it in our day to day life but what is the actual use of the sun in our daily routine. It is so far away from us we can’t even touch it but then too we see it every day without any reason.

What is the Sun?

We all have seen that it is a circle with a yellow color which does not understand why it is there and what is the reason that it is colored in yellow. We just look at the sun every day in the morning and in the evening sun goes to someplace which we can’t even see but where does the sun go and why can’t we see the sun in the evening? We should understand the reason behind this particular thing.

Well, the sun has a very big size compared to the earth on which we live, it is 19 times bigger than the earth. So the first thing you should understand is the sun does not move from its place it is at the same place for several decades.

The time and the rotation is done by the earth on which we live if think we can understand that the only one part of the earth is in front of the sun and the rest of the part is in the dark for always that is the reason the earth revolves around itself and the pattern of day and night works with this.

How Long Sun is?

Scientists are trying to understand that how long it is, we cannot figure out the exact size of the sun but with the help of a scientist they have figured out that it takes a total of 365 days which is known as a year.

To rotate around the sun means it takes one year to take one circle of the sun so you can just imagine how long will be the sun is, whereas the earth only takes 24 hours to revolve around its self.

How Many Planets Are There Near the Sun?

If we want to see the nearest planet to the sun from earth, well it is not possible but according to our scientist, the nearest planet to the sun is mercury. It is the nearest planet to the sun and there is no living been existing on that planet.

What is The Use of The Sun on The Earth?

The use of sun on the earth, you will understand that without the sun there will be no life existence on this planet, this must be so shocking for you to know but it is true. The people whom you can see around you, the plans you can see, animals which are walking no one will be there if the sun is not in existence.

A Life cycle of a human being, the human beings eat vegetables from the plans do you know where does the plant gets to eat does the plant only need water to grow? No, it also requires sunlight to complete the plants, if the sunlight is not on the plant cannot produce a vegetable.

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