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Essay On Summer Vacation For Class 4 Students – Read Here

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Summer vacation is a time when we create sweet memories with friends and family. We make many exciting plans to spend our summer vacation. Everyone in the family gives their opinion. It is the time when students get free from the exam and get relaxed.

Students need refreshment from their academic burden, and the parents mostly go to some exciting places

Native Place

Many people cannot visit their native place due to the long distance, so they mostly visit their native places during summer vacation.

Children’s seems much excited about this visit as they interact with the fields, handpumps, trees, etc.

As the name tells us the vacation comes during the summer season which is the season for mangoes too. Children love to pluck mangoes directly from the trees and these they find only in their native places.

When people visit their native place for at least that much duration, they get free from the electronic gadget as they become busy interacting with their near and dear one.

More Places To Visit On Summer Vacation

One can also go to some relaxing as well as adventurous places.


One can set the option for the Kashmir to visit during their summer vacation. Kashmir is famous for its fun, exciting valleys. The beauty of Kashmir is divine.


To spend a summer vacation, Shimla is one of the ideal destinations. The climate of Shimla is not very hot during summer days.


It is one of the famous destinations among tourist. The waterfalls of this place are the famous attraction.


One gets completely refreshed by visiting this beautiful place. The place just seems as fairyland.

Even there are many beautiful places in India to visit.

Importance Of Summer Vacation

From students points of view, vacation are rejuvenating time. Students wait an entire year for this time. As they get free from the burden of studies.

Mainly summer vacation is provided to the students to give them space from their studies and to make them again energetic for the next academic year.

Summer vacation refreshes the parents as well as kids mind.

My View

When I was small, my parents used to take me to my native place. The time which I used to spend at my native place is the golden days of my life as after a long time I get to interact with my grandmother, uncle, aunt, and many cousins.

I used to live every moment with great excitement. I also used to see our fields, gardens, temples, mountains, etc.

My grandmother used to make my favorite dishes on the chulha(Hearth). As the food was prepared on the hearth, there was a delicious aroma coming from it which we do not get in urban style cooking.


Summer vacation is essential for everyone, especially for the students. It energized students and make them refreshed for the next academic studies.

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