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The hottest season of the year is given the name as summer season. No one like this season, but student are always eagerly waiting for the season as they end up with their current academic standard and the school gives vacation for almost two months.


Summer is the season which falls in between autumn and spring season. Whenever we have the summer season in India, the countries which are located in the northern hemisphere will have winter season as the southern and northern hemisphere are located in the exact opposite direction.

Why Summer Is Very Hot

Summer is the season when many of the old people and animals die who cannot tolerate the executive high temperature. As this season arrives, there comes the scarcity of water or the situation like drought arises.

The death rate of the people or animals arises due to the hot waves which make the living organism dehydrated. The legends always tell to stay properly hydrated during the season. It was concluded that women should intake almost 2.7 liters of water in the summer wile men should drink 3.7 liters of water, in order to stay hydrated.


The NASA concluded that the year 2013 was recorded as the hottest season of the year since 1990. They claim the reason for this high temperature is global warming.

Some Facts About The Summer Season

The children seem much excited or the summer season as they get a break from their studies, school goes off for almost two months. Children even get the chance to drink a cold drink and called ice cream, which they were not allowed for the whole year.

People spend their vacation by visiting the place which has a low temperature.

The days of the summer season are long as compared to the days of winter. Some of the interesting fruits and crops are only found in the summer season.

The water gets evaporated from the earth due to the heat. This water gets stored in the form of vapor and form the cloud in the sky, and this water vapor again comes back to the earth in the rainy season in the form of rain.

Due to immense sunstroke, many of the old age people die. Every people get totally disturbed due to the summer season.

Te leaves of the trees start falling and drying up due to the water shortage. There blows the hot dust which proved very dangerous for all the living creature.

Everyone suggests eating the watery fruit, to make use of lemonade, to take bath twice or thrice and to drink plenty of water.


As we are a human being, we can tell about the high temperature or also attempt some of the precautions in order to stay hydrated, but we forget about the creature, animals who not speak. The human should always put a bowl of water in front of their house, so as the dehydrated creature can drink some of the water from it.

It is the duty of human being, not to make any selfish attempt, which later on results in the rise of temperature.

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